Nyenqentanglha Mountains, The Silent Guardian - Lhasa, Tibet

Nyenqentanglha Mountains, The Silent Guardian

Thanks Jeff Fuchs for this favorite place.

Mountains within mountains seems to sum up the often-overlooked Nyenqen-Tanglha Mountains that lie nestled parallel and slightly north of the Great Himalayan Range within the TAR. The Eastern peaks and ridges remain virtually untouched and truly isolated. Long valleys lie entrenched within grand peaks, with only nomadic communities dotting the surroundings. It is a space that one local nomad remarked “Wind dictates everything here”.

During a 52-day portion of an expedition from ‘Shangri-La’ to Lhasa following the Ancient Tea Horse Road, a team of us travelled within the shadows – and upon the ridges – of this mountain range and it was spectacularly barren and wind-shorn. It was a place where silence was imposed by the sheer immensity and silence. Upon arrival in Lhasa, our team (regardless of the exhaustion) felt this pull to back amidst the Nyenqentanglha Range and its almost guardian-like walls of white. In my mind-scape of mountains travelled, it still remains clear and hugely impressionable…and of course because of its shrieking and unending winds.

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