Uttara Sarkar Crees

Uttara Sarkar Crees is an Ecotourism Planner and is certified by Green Globe. Uttara has undertaken several Ecotourism projects throughout China from 1998 to the present time and worked with WWF in setting up the pilot Ecotourism project in the panda reserve of Wanglang from 1998 to 2003.

Uttara also planned and implemented several Ecotourism training and site specific Ecotourism development projects in other panda reserves and national parks of Sechuan, Jiuzhaiguo, Yunnan and Qinghai.




More of Uttara Sarkar Crees's favorite places

The road Eastwards
Three sacred mountains
Horse races and nomads
Village life

More favorite places

The road Eastwards
Kora of Ganden Monastery
Three sacred mountains
Tibetan Medicinal Herb Journey
Nangchen the ancient kingdom
Pabongkha Temple
Revel in the tranquility of Dorphu valley
Ghar Monastery, Kham Nangchen, Yushu Prefecture
Beautiful Yunnan Meili
Just driving through Tibet
Canyons of Guge Kingdom
Mount Kailash
Ghar Monastery, Kham Nangchen, Yushu Prefecture
Beautiful cave murals in West Tibet
Mt. Nyenpo Yurtse Trek
Jokhang in Lhasa
Sho’La, The pass of Two Faces
The grasslands of Amdo
Zhiduo the home land of wild animals, and the source of the Yellow and Yangzi rive
Holy lake Yilung Latsho
Chomolangma (Mt. Everest) National Park
Village life
The Drigung Valley
Genyen Mountain Trek
Best of Everest Basecamp
Wildlife adventure in East Tibet
Cooking, cycling, trekking and meditation in Central Tibet
Walking around Barkhor Square
The holy mountain Khawa Karpo
Lakes and Mountains
Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland
Lhasa ancient pilgrimage circuit
Yaks and butter tea trek
Classic Amdo, A cultural adventure through Eastern Tibet
Famous printing press
Trola Range
Riding across the Tibetan Plateau
Rawuk Tso alpine lake
Horse races and nomads
Phenpo, an incredible valley
Meru Nyingma temple
Kailash Kora
Nyenqentanglha Mountains, The Silent Guardian
Sacred Mountain Amnye Machen
Nomad Adventure Tour on Gangya and Sogdzong (Henan) Grasslands

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