Welcome to new Tibet Eco Travel Collective members 2016

July 2, 2016.

Welcome to the following new members of the Tibet Eco Travel Collective:

Penpa Tsering – Easy Tibet Tours

Penpa Tsering (Genaral Manager

“One of the main goals is introducing our beautiful land and it’s people to tourists by hiring only locals and by making our contribution to the local communities by providing education opportunities and making donation to disadvantaged groups. From the start of our business, we aim to provide more opportunities to people in local community since we feel it is our responsibility towards our community.”

Nyima Tashi – Kham Voyage


“The Kham region has diverse landscapes, culture, languages and spiritual practices that are yet to be known to the majority of tourists traveling to the Tibetan Plateau regions. Kham Voyage is dedicated to provide rewarding tours where clients can have an in-depth experience of the local natural environment, culture, spirituality and lifestyle.”

Dawa Tsering – Tibet Shambhala Adventure

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“We pioneered in giving training to young disadvantaged Tibetans in cooking and hospitality. We look after our staff and provide them with extra incentives and insurance including medical insurance, commercial insurance, pension insurance, and industrial injury insurance.”

Favorite Places in Tibet

Favorite places in Tibet

Favorite tour: Lakes and Mountains

Starting at the famous Lake Namtso we camp away from the normal tourist site, sharing our camp with nomads and yaks. We work as a team with local nomads and villagers to set up our camp, hire their yaks to carry our bags and equipment, or maybe just go in to their tent to have an interesting conversation. After all we want you to not only have a good experience in our land, but learn about us.


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