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Easy Tibet Tours is a local Tibetan travel agency based in Lhasa, started by Penpa Tsering and his friends. The staff of Easy Tibet Tours are all young  Tibetans with the average age of 30. They have a rich experience in working in the tourism industry and are passionate about introducing their beautiful homeland and unique culture to friends from outside of Tibet.


Penpa: “Although Easy Tibet Tour is a young travel company, we have already organized hundreds of Tibet private and group tours around Tibet, and also have gained good feedback from our former clients who have continuously encouraged us to keep on improving our services and quality of the tours in the future.”


Tibetans with great English

Penpa:”Most of our staff were educated in language schools in Tibet and some of them in mainland or overseas universities. Most importantly, all of us are local Tibetans, and as former local tour guides, have accumulated many years of work experience in serving tourists and are familiar with the rich culture, history, and religion of our homeland. We have qualified friendly Tibetan tour guides and drivers working together. As a local Tibetan tour operator, we focus on ensuring that our customers experience the authenticity of Tibet and enjoy maximum comfort and safety during their travel with us.  We also emphasize on promoting gender equality in terms of hiring staff.


We specialize in trekking, cycling and train tours, and our tour itineraries cover most of the famous cultural and natural sites in Tibet.”

Sharing with our community

Penpa: “Easy Tibet Tour has two long-term goals, and these goals are closely related to promoting eco friendly travel in Tibet.

One of the main goals is introducing our beautiful land and it’s people to tourists by hiring only locals and by making our contribution to the local communities by providing education opportunities and making donation to disadvantaged groups. From the start of our business, we aim to provide more opportunities to people in local community since we feel it is our responsibility towards our community.

We know education is a key element to improve the livelihood of people in our community and raise the awareness of the locals for the importance of keeping their own traditions. Some of our staff are providing English training to young local Tibetans since 2008 and some of students now have their  tour guide license. Our staff also did English training to the disabled children in Lhasa Special Education School from 2009-2010, and collaborated with Tibetan Library to donated children’s books to the school.

Donation photo 2

We also donated clothes and books to children in Dangtse village of Lokha in 2015, which is one of the poorest villages in Tibet. At the same time, we always encourage our guides to bring our clients to consume in locally owned shops, stay in locally owned hotels and have meals in locally owned restaurants. And the clients usually are also willing to spend their money in locally owned shops, hotels or restaurants.”

Donation photo 1

Protecting the environment of our homeland

Penpa: “Another fundamental long-term goal of Easy Tibet Tour is protecting the environment and culture of our motherland from more and more commercialized travel activities. We have clearly noticed the changes in the land were we live and that we love. Hence our commitment of promoting eco tourism in Tibet by improving the awareness of our clients and staff in protecting the environment.


For instance, we don’t recommend our clients to use vehicles in Lhasa. Instead, we recommend our clients to visit sites in Lhasa by using public transportation  accompanied by our Tibetan guides. This is a win-win for our clients and us, since we make contribution in protecting the environment of our homeland by reducing the use of vehicles during our clients’ stay in Tibet, and the clients also save money from not renting cars in Lhasa and getting a local experience.

In addition, every guide of Easy Tibet Tours always tries his (her) best to answer the questions which clients ask about the culture of their homeland and our guides all have extensive information on protecting culture heritage of Tibet. Hence, most of our guides constantly study Tibetan language and history during wintertime when few tourists come to visit Tibet.

As a local tour operator in the Tibetan plateau, we know the importance of protecting the environment of the land we called home, and we will definitely seek opportunities to send our staffs to join any eco tourism relevant training or healthcare training whenever it is available for us.”

Staff Training

2014 – Training on Definition of Ecotourism

Training topics:

  1. Travel to natural destinations
  2. Minimizes the impact made by visitors
  3. Builds environmental awareness
  4. Contributes to conservation
  5. Empowers the local
  6. Respects local culture
  7. Supports local community’s rights

2015 – Training on Eco Tourism

Training Topics: Four Criteria of Eco Tourism

  1. Operate the tours with ‘Soft Imprint’
  2. Make contribution to the local community
  3. Make financially contribution to environmental protection projects
  4. Educate tourists not to pollute the places they visit

2016 – First aid training

2016 – Penpa was a participant in the Eco Travel Exchange Program to the USA, organized by Columbia University


Staff members

Penpa Tsering - general manager

For many people, Tibet is a mysterious and a beautiful place described in travel books; for me, Tibet is my home where I spend most of my childhood with my friends and family, the place where I never get bored to discover its diversified culture and unique history.
I spend three years studying civil engineering in Xian Architect and Science University. As a civil engineering assistant, I got lots of opportunities to discover old local buildings and the history behind those buildings, working for the local engineering company in Lhasa. I was deeply attracted to places with old Buddhist temples and old Tibetan architecture. I was eager to know the history and stories behind all the old architecture.
Therefore I studied Tibetan culture and history. I also worked on improving my language skill and passed the National English Guide License Exam and got a guide license in the year 2010.
This was a turning point for me since I have always been passionate about doing the job of introducing my homeland to people with different background. Being a tour guide is not only making my knowledge wider but also getting to know myself in a new way, testing myself in new situations.
Me and some of my friends, who have worked in tourism industry as tour guides or tour consultants decided to found a tour company named Easy Tibet Tour based in Lhasa.
I got the precious opportunity to study English in a language school in the capital city of Australia, and worked in the Abode Hotel in Canberra in 2013. One-year studying and working overseas taught me how to communicate with people and serve clients. And I learned to appreciate the unique culture of Tibet more. In the year 2016, I was selected to join the Eco Tourism Study Exchange Program, which is sponsored by the Columbia University. The diverse content of the training made me realize how important it is to maintain a healthy balance between the economic development in tourism industry and its environmentally sustainable development in the future. Right after coming back from the training, our staff received First Aid Training and I also shared my first hand training knowledge to the staff.
As a young Tibetan, it is just the beginning of my career as one of the founders of Easy Tibet Tours, and there is still a long way to go to improve the service and management of my company. At the same time, being involved in promoting ecotourism activities is the way for us to reach sustainable development of our company.

Pasang - partner

I was born in Lhasa and grew up in this ancient city, and as a local Tibetan and a buddhist, I luckily spent all my childhood, middle school and high school life in here. As the most sacred place in Tibet, Lhasa attracts countless pilgrims and tourists from all around the world every year. I went to Chengdu In 2004 for receiving higher education in a university and spent four years in there. I continuously studied English and which is my favorite subject in 4-year university study. After graduation, I didn’t choose to stay in Chengdu and work there, I decided to go back to my homeland and develop my own career. In 2009, I became an English teacher in a private school in Lhasa where I taught English to those who didn’t get opportunities to receive education in public schools, and I worked a year in that school. In 2009, I took part in the national tour guide training and the examination. I passed the exam and got the certificate of national tour guide at that year. I started my new career as a tour guide in Tibet, and I realized that this job is perfect for me since I enjoy presenting the culture and history of Tibet and sharing my knowledge with clients. I got a precious opportunity to study French with a kind French lady who teach French in Xining and I joined her winter French class from 2011 to 2014. I worked as a french speaking tour guide since 2013. I met my partner Penpa who was running his own travel agency in the year 2014. After communicating with Penpa who was expecting a partner to work with him, we found that we had exactly the same ideas for future career that made us worked together to develop a local Tibetan owned travel agency till now.

Tsetso - our consultant

Tsetso was born in a humble Tibetan family in Lhasa. She was a diligent and hardworking student and passed the National University Entrance Examination with good grades. She did her Bachelor Degree in Sichuan University with a scholarship and her favorite subject was English. After her graduation from Sichuan University, she worked as a Librarian Assistant and she was continuing studying English and took IELTS in 2011. Receiving better education in a top university was always a dream for Tsetso. In the year 2012, she was selected as one of three Tibetan awardees of the Australian Development Scholarship in China. She received an offer from the best university in Australia and finished her two years’ Certificate and Master Degree study in Australia. After graduating from the Australian Nation University with excellent grade, she decided to go back to her homeland and work with us for pursuing her dream of introducing her beautiful homeland to friends from outside of Tibet and make her contribution to local community as an educated Tibetan woman. She is responsible to give yearly training to our guides and drivers in customer services. She is also in charge of designing clients’ tour itineraries and communicating with foreign clients.

Sonam Tsering - tour guide

Sonam Tsering was born and grew up in Lhasa. For last seven years he was been a tour guide and he came to realized that education counts. Especially being a Tibetan it is very important to bridge up the gap between ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. He has been learning western culture and language for more than 7 years in Lhasa. In 2007, he graduated from language school in academic of social science in Lhasa. Sonam Tsering is well educated in both western and Tibetan culture and language, and he has been volunteering as part of a group of kind foreign scholars and educated Tibetans who teaches the local children basic English language skill in Lhasa. Sonam Tsering strongly believe that being a good English tour guide is not an easy task, and he wants to work very hard and strives for excellence. He enjoys his job since he is very interested in exchanging his knowledge about his own homeland with his clients from other countries. He would like to take this opportunity to thank all his guests who he served in the past seven years and from whom he learned alot. He sincerely welcomes people from all over the world to enjoy and appreciate the rich culture and traditions of Tibet with him and his friendly team.

Nyima - tour guide

Nyima was born in a nomadic family in eastern part of Tibet, which is Amdo region. He moved to Lhasa from Amdo area when he was 7 years old, after that he received education in Lhasa. He has been a tour guide for more than 9 years and he had traveled every corner in Tibet with his foreign customers. During the last 9 years, he has been accumulating a lot of experience and knowledge on culture, religion and history of Tibet. His working principal is to be an honest, responsible and professional tour guide and make active effort to offer excellent services to his customers. Nyima specialize in trekking with rich experience in guiding tourists in mountainous area. He is willing to share his knowledge to foreign friends from outside of the Tibet.

Pasang - tour guide

Pasang was born and grew up in a big family in old Lhasa city near by Barkhor, and she is a reliable, highly motivated person. She always gets good comments from clients for the excellent service she offers. She studied English in a language school in mainland for four years and got her National English Guide License 6 years ago. As one of the few female local English tour guides, she is a patient and very thoughtful tour guide with rich professional knowledge. She loves her job and also has extensive experience of serving tourists from different countries, and she would like to bring her customers to explore Tibet with different aspects.

Sonam - tour guide

Sonam was born in a small village in an authentic farmers’ family in Lunchup County. Sonam studied English and Tibetan history for 5 years in Thong Khar Language School in Lhasa. After his graduation from the Thong Khar language school, he passed National Guide License Exam and became an English tour guide at the year 2008. Sonam is the eldest son in his poor family and the only child who has the ability to take responsibility to give economic support to his family. Hence, Sonam is trying his best in searching a better life for his family and also take the responsibility of supporting education of his younger brothers and sisters. Sonam speak good Mandarin and English. He has eight years experience of serving both mainland and foreign customers and also he traveled every corner of Tibet. He is eager to share what he has learned during many years experience of been a tour guide to his clients.

Trip images

Favorite Places in Tibet

Favorite places in Tibet

Favorite temple: Pabongkha Temple

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Pabongkha is for me. I often went to visit the temple, when I was a little boy with my grandma. It  would take hours for us to climb the mountain and visit the temple during those days, since we had no cars or buses available to reach a temple.


This is Easy Tibet Tours's favorite place!

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