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We are a grassroots Tibetan travel company established by Wangden Tsering, a Tibetan entrepreneur with extensive experience managing travel agencies and organizing tours in Tibet and mainland China. Our company is based in the Amdo region of Tibet, with offices in Xining and Lhasa. We are committed to providing high-quality, environmentally sustainable travel services with a Tibetan touch. We provide environmentally sustainable travel services in Tibet.
 The ecosystem on the Tibetan plateau is extremely fragile. We desire to see our Tibetan culture and traditions last for generations to come, so we do our utmost to arrange travel in the most ecologically friendly way possible. We work to improve the livelihoods of local Tibetans through tourism.
The tourism industry is one of the most important and beneficial businesses in Tibet, but most travel companies in Tibet are run by Han Chinese or foreigners. We established this company to foster Tibetan entrepreneurship, help local farming and nomadic communities, and create jobs for local Tibetans. We also regularly donate a portion of our profits to the Kumbum Shambaling Orphanage in Xining. As part of the mission of Snowlion Tours, we aim to improve the welfare of Tibetans by supporting local communities in meaningful ways. Through creating jobs, buying directly from local farmers and small businessmen, passing on daily necessities to nomad families, and donating to a nearby orphanage, we strive to integrate our social engagement into our business practices. While we welcome individuals who are interested in participating in some of these endeavors, we take care not to impose any obligations on them. Our community work is private in nature and remains separate from our pricing. Kumbum Shambaling Orphanage School Established in 2004 by Samdrip Tsering, a Tibetan scholar and artist, the Kumbum Shambaling Orphanage School is home to 75 Tibetan orphans. The mission of the orphanage is not only to support orphans but also to preserve traditional Tibetan culture by educating children in traditional thangka painting, embroidery, and stone carving. Additionally, students may take classes in Tibetan, Chinese, English, basic computer, and other subjects. Already 120 have graduated from the school and now live independently. However, despite the school’s success, it is severely lacking in facilities and financial support. At SnowLion Tours, we work to help raise money for the school, donate winter clothing, introduce homeless children to the school, and assist in getting the young artists’ paintings on the market. We regularly visit the students and visitors to Xining are welcome to join us on a trip there. Working with Nomad Families On our trips we frequently visit nomad families in order to share our local culture with visitors to Tibet. Nomads are known for their generous hospitality and do not ask anything in return for our visits. Nonetheless, as a way of practicing responsible tourism, we pass on to them daily necessities for life on the harsh Tibetan plateau. Fresh fruits and vegetables are welcome gifts to those who live far from town, thick clothes and blankets provide warmth in winter, and sunglasses help nomads protect their eyes against damage from sun exposure. We also donate cooking stoves after camping trips, as the nomads find these small stoves immensely helpful. Buying Locally Whenever possible, we buy our goods directly from farmers, nomads, and local businessmen. Through the practice of buying locally, we help preserve the environment, bolster the local economy, and strengthen our community. We encourage visitors to Tibet to join us in this endeavor by patronizing local Tibetan businesses. Creating Jobs All guides, drivers, porters, yak handlers, and cooks we hire are local Tibetans. Working as a guide offers young Tibetans an opportunity to earn a living while sharing their intimate knowledge of local culture. Nomads who serve as our porters and yak handlers have a chance to supplement their incomes while providing essential services for our hiking trips. We ensure that all of our staff are treated well and paid fairly. In the instances that we hire non-locals, we select them on the basis of their expertise and long experience in Tibetan regions. Protecting the Environment The ecosystem on the Tibetan plateau is extremely fragile. We desire to see our Tibetan culture and traditions last for generations to come, so we do our utmost to arrange travel in the most ecologically friendly way possible. We teach Leave-No-Trace principles and conduct site clean-ups after camping. Please join us in minimizing the environmental and cultural impact we have when traveling. Let us show you the real Tibet!












在我们的行程中,我们经常会参观牧民的家庭来与游客分享西藏的地方传统文化。牧民以他们的热情大方闻名,从不向游客索取任何回报。 虽然如此,因实践负责人旅游,我们向青藏高原严苛环境下的牧民们分发他们日常生活所需的物资。新鲜的蔬菜水果受到这些远离小镇居住的牧民们的欢迎,厚实的衣服与毛毯为他们在冬天带去温暖,太阳眼镜能保护他们的眼睛不受强烈日照的伤害。我们同样在露营结束后向当地居民捐助炉子,因为牧民们觉得这些炉子非常的实用。








Staff Training

– 青藏高原上的急救和生态旅游培训 (由哥伦比亚大学在西宁举办),2011年11月

– 西藏社区中健康、卫生及自我处理的培训 (由世界卫生组织和红十字会举办),2008年7月

– 导游培训 (由青海旅游局举办),2007年9月

– 高原地质学 (由生命之水国际组织举办), 2006年6月

– 西藏社区培训:供应安全水源(由生命之水国际组织举办), 2005年6月

– 社区问题处理及健康教育(由Norserve Foundation举办),2004年9月

– 经理人技能培训 (由亚洲发展管理集团举办), 2003年5月


Staff members

旺登次仁 - 公司所有人

我从2009年开始运营我自己的公司 — 雪狮旅游。我已经在旅游业工作了9年的时间。 在开办自己的公司之前,我在其他的旅游公司工作过。
Favorite Places in Tibet

Favorite places in Tibet

Favorite region: Classic Amdo, A cultural adventure through Eastern Tibet

Travel to the shores of a stunning turquoise lake, visit nomads herding yaks and sheep, and picnic in blooming yellow flower fields. Take short hikes to catch breathtaking views of the natural scenery and watch herds of wild antelope gallop across the plains. Visit remote monasteries nestled in the sides of mountains and travel to the holiest and most beautiful snow mountain in Amdo.


This is Snowlion Tours's favorite place!
Favorite Places in Tibet

Favorite places in Tibet

Favorite Nomad Adventure: Nomad Adventure Tour on Gangya and Sogdzong (Henan) Grasslands

Spend a week visiting local Tibetan and Mongolian nomadic communities and try your hand at milking yaks, herding sheep, and riding horses. At the end of the day, relax while drinking butter tea, eating yak jerky, and swapping stories with the locals.


This is Snowlion Tours's favorite place!

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