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Tibet Roof of the World is a Tibetan owned company, set up by Tashi and Migmar in 2008. They are based in Lhasa and operate tours all over the Tibetan Plateau. Tibet Roof of the World educates all guides and other staff to promote local small business by buying locally and using local Tibetan services like hotels, restaurants and transport.

Visiting the historic centre of Gyantse

Cultural heritage protection

Migmar: “Whenever there is a chance to extend our helping hand to protect our historical and cultural heritage, we always say yes without any hesitation. For example in May 2012, a monastery near Tingri was in a very poor condition due to the cultural revolution and recent earth quake, so we use our contacts and helped the monastery to fund raise for the renovation. Now the monastery has been renovated and again gets many visits from the locals and tourists for worship and sightseeing”

Ghar monastery

Wild flowers and organic food

Migmar: “Khangshong Face trekking is our new destination. This trek is special because of the wild flowers and herbs that grow in this area only and are used by the local people to improve their health. During the trek we can also see many wild animals like antelope, blue sheep and birds.

Wildlife during a trek in Tibet

The main cook on the trek is from Lhasa but we use cooking and trekking staff from the local area. We also buy as much as possible organic food from the local community like potatoes, carrots, yak and sheep meat. Also we hire community yaks to carry the trekking gear and luggage. We always encourage our guides to bring their waste with them and discard in a bigger town or counties where there have waste bins. We provide garbage bags for our guide to collect all their trash and bring it with them.”

Our new trek to the face of Khangshung

Hotel on the roof of the world

Migmar: “We recently opened a small hotel in Saga, on the way to Mount Kailash. Most of the staff of the hotel we hired locally and are getting training in hospitality and English. We also buy meat, eggs, dairy and vegetable oil from the local community and encourage them to use organic farming techniques. Saga is on the way to the holy mountain Kailash so most of our guest are Indian pilgrims and some Western tourists. The hotel is basic but the guests get a great local experience staying in the remote village of Saga.”

Guide training

Migmar: “In 2016 I was a participant of the Eco Travel exchange program to the USA, and I studied very good examples of eco tourism and national park management during my trip. In the USA I did not find any garbage on the road or in nature during my whole month of traveling. In Tibet we are really having a problem with rubbish everywhere. When I came back from the USA I shared the importance of good waste management in tourism with my guides.

My visit to the USA also made me realize the importance of the guides giving full briefings and have full knowledge of each destination. I gave my guides  examples of some of the briefings and we are planning in winter to extend our knowledge of our destinations.

The group is enjoying the natural beauty of our new trek

From 2017 I plan to take the best guides traveling in China as a reward for their hard work and to open their eyes for different forms of tourism, different standards of service and to get new ideas. Most guides have not been outside of Tibet. It will hopefully also motivate all guides to give even better service since they can get a trip to China too if they get good reviews.”



Staff Training

We tried to conduct environmental awareness trainings and interaction among our staff but due to lack of environmental experts, we failed but we are still looking for new opportunities.

In Oct 2011, we got a chance to send some of our guides to attend the 5 days Ecotourism and First Aid Kit training in Lhasa hosted and funded by Columbia University.

In 2015 we participated in a guide training, organised by Columbia University, focussing on First Aid, environmental awareness and leadership organized in Lhasa. We also participated in a workshop program on video editing, so we can market our company more efficiently. 

Training of local cooks by Western food restaurants in Lhasa so they can cook for the foreign clients during their trekking.

Hotel training for our new hotel in Sagar in winter.

Migmar participated in USA Eco Tourism Exchange program 2016, organized by Columbia University.

In the future, we will try to provide more training opportunities to staff and tourism relevant communities around us.

Staff members

Tashi - Owner

Tashi is the legal owner of Tibet Rooftop of the World. Both Tashi and Migmar have worked as tour guides for more than 5 years (1999-2002), and then from 2004 obtained a branch office from FIT.

Migmar - Executive Manager

Migmar was born and grew up in Gyangtse Town, which is located in the southwest of Lhasa. He started to learn English at Tibet University in 1999 and then served as a tour guide in Tibet. With his profound knowledge and experience, Migmar has won great reputation from his clients. In 2009, he co-founded Tibet Roof of World International Travel Services with Tashi. He has been actively involved in the travel and tourism business in the past years. His zeal and enthusiasm has led the company to touch new heights. In 2011, he joined the ecotourism training held in Lijiang, Yunnan Province by Columbia University.
During tours operation, he reminds all staff to practice Responsible Tourism principle.
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Favorite places in Tibet

Favorite motorbike ride: Riding across the Tibetan Plateau

A motorbike ride on the roof of the world is not simply a holiday or a getaway tour – it is an incredible adventure as we traverse the world’s highest roads and remote valleys. It is a spectacular tour to Tibet and Nepal, riding across the magnificent Himalayan Plateau.


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