Drigung Chu Whitewater Rafting Tibet


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The Drigung Chu whitewater rafting adventure is situated on the Drigung Chu River in an exquisite alpine valley about 2 hours from Lhasa. Continuous exciting class III rapids are interspersed with incredible granite gorges and challenging class IV rapids and make for a fabulous whitewater rafting adventure.  The 2 day trip runs more whitewater and also includes a visit to the Tidrum Nunnery and hotsprings. To undertake this trip you should be able to swim and you must be fit and fairly well acclimatized (at least 4 days in Lhasa). This run is quite technical so you will be expected to paddle often. This trip is for those looking for an exciting river adventure in a unique environment.

Tibet Wind Horse Adventure is the only company in Tibet with permits to run whitewater rafting tours.

Due to the permit situation Wind Horse cannot keep full time river guides in Lhasa through the summer rafting season so they can only arrange 12 day or more expeditions for 4 or more people international guides.  They will include the Driging Chu, and other rivers in your expedition itinerary.  They use international trip leaders and local guides. Their international rafting guides and safety kayakers have extensive experience running challenging whitewater expeditions in the Himalaya and elsewhere. Expert safety kayakers are used on every whitewater run. All clients are provided with international standard safety equipment including a full wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy vest. They use state of the art rafts, kayaks and equipment.

When they design your itinerary we consider seasonal weather patterns, water levels and temperatures, altitude, accessibility, as well as surrounding scenery and cultural sites to ensure that you have the best possible experience on the water.


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