Phuntsoling Monastery at Saka Dawa Festival with Tibetan Guide Travel


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The Phuntsoling Monastery [4010m]. Belonging to the Jonang Sect originally, this school of Tibetan Buddhism stands out for the importance it attaches to the Kalachakra Tantra and reached its maximum splendor in the time of the great master Jetsün Taranatha XVI-XVII. Upon his death, after founding several monasteries and spreading Buddhism in Mongolia, the V Dalai Lama recognized the son of Khalkha Mongol Khan as the reincarnation of Taranatha.
This child and his successive incarnations became the Jetsün Dampa Hutuktu, the spiritual leaders of the Gelug lineage in Mongolia. In turn, the Jonang tradition was forcibly converted, although it has survived to this day in remote regions. In the modern and photogenic monastic complex takes place the Saga Dawa Festival celebration. You can ascend the hill where the ruins of the fortification (dzong) that dominated the valley remain.
We arrange the special trip to Phuntsoling monastery during the Saga Dawa festival  because there have a special celebration during that time and also  not many tourists as well,  so it’s very special for travellers.
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