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The Lingkhor is an ancient circumambulation since from 15thcentury. It encircles the entire traditional city of Lhasa. Following the path, you will join local pilgrims who make juniper incense offerings all the way around the Lingkhor.


You will  travel around the major pilgrimage sites in Lhasa starting from Ani Tsangkung nunnery and followed by South Rigsum Gonpo temple , Kundheling Temple, and Ramoche temple. Along the way, you will get a glimpse of the contrast between ancient and modern Lhasa as you pass by. You will see the murals painted on carved rock walls which is known as Sangye Thongku or Thousand statue Buddha, where you will see many people doing prostrations in front of the statue and some people making butter lamp offerings as well.

Since its quite a long long walk, many pilgrims take a rest behind the Potala Palace, at a place known as Lukhang. It’s a very relaxing place where you will see many people offering bread to the ducks and fish in pond. Some of them take a lunch break in the Lukhang teahouse where you can have simple Tibetan dishes such as Tibetan noodles, fried potatoes, meat bread and also sweat tea.

The path is about 8km and takes the better part of a morning to walk.


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