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Trekking around Mount Kailash in western Tibet is an unforgettable experience.  For the first day of trekking, you will be trekking from Darchen to Dirakpuk Monastery. On the second all the normal tour will continue trekking around the mount.

Yet, there is a small hidden gem waiting for you. A marvellous six hours trek to actually touch the mount Kailash itself.  Thought the trek can be challenging, at the end when you touch and receive the blessing of the holiest mount on the surface of the earth. In our opinion, it is worth all the hard work.

This hiking route is called Kailash Charansprash, meaning touching the feet of mount Kailash.

It is recommended for all the traveller to hire a local guide who did this route. Most of our guide has touched the mount more than a dozen time.



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