Kham Voyage is a Tibetan owned travel agency based in Chengdu, that focusses on the promotion of responsible, sustainable, ethical and cultural tourism, mainly in the Kham Region in the Eastern part of Tibet.

Promoting eco tourism in the Kham region

Nyima Tashi: “The Kham region has diverse landscapes, culture, languages and spiritual practices that are yet to be known to the majority of tourists traveling to the Tibetan Plateau regions. Kham Voyage is dedicated to provide rewarding tours where clients can have an in-depth experience of the local natural environment, culture, spirituality and lifestyle.

We aim to offer high quality and authentic tour experiences with minimum negative impacts on local culture and environment. Kham Voyage considers the rich and diverse local culture, landscapes and the wide spread mystical spiritual practices as greatest assets for the success of any travel agency focusing on Tibet’s cultural areas. Therefore protection of cultural and environmental welfare is the fundamental objective of Kham Voyage.”

Volunteering action in Kham and Chengdu

During winter, Nyima Tashi goes to towns and townships around his birthplace to teach English to young kids. Despite of cold weather, he voluntarily spends a month or more with kids believing that knowing some English will help them get admission at better high schools and colleges in the future. While in Chengdu, Nyima Tashi often volunteers as an interpreter for Tibetans who come to Chengdu for medical treatment.

Nyima Tashi often act as a free consultant for individual tour guides and travel agencies for providing information about Kham/ Eastern Tibet believing that accurate information is crucial for both travel agencies and customers for a healthy and long-lasting tourism business around Tibetan areas.


Kush worked over three years at a local NGO at his hometown during which he took one of the main role in training young girls from remote nomadic areas as a midwife and health instructor. Kush is one of the volunteer founder of the Tibetan Calligraphy Association at his hometown which works to preserve and promote the history, culture and value of the complex and rich Tibetan calligraphy system. 


Since coming to Chengdu, Kush is involved in helping poor and seriously ill Tibetans who come to Chengdu for medical treatment; during urgent period he sometimes donates blood for the Tibetan patients.

Kush actively involves in organizing and promote Tibetan handicraft culture and products in Chengdu.

Kush is one of the founding member of the Himalaya Toastmasters Club in Chengdu as the only branch club under the Toastmasters International that helps and provide platform and activities for self-improvement in effective communication and leadership skill. 

Sleeping under the stars

Nyima Tashi: “We enjoy serving those travelers who dare to take expeditions deep into nature, with their minimum needs in a backpack and tents as shelter, enjoying the quiet wildlife, sounds of rivers and bright stars above. We are most proud and thankful to those travelers who already gave us this joy in the past.

We consider our traditional way of on-foot pilgrims as one of the genuine forms of eco travel.  The trekkers are immensely absorbed in nature, with deep respect for the sacredness of the natural environment around them.

Kham Voyage greatly welcomes photographers, environmentalists, geologists, anthropologists and wildlife biologists and spiritual peace seekers to study and share experiences with us and others.”


Staff Training

1. Eco-tourism Training Organized by TVP in 2013, Chengdu

2. Ecotourism Training Internship by Columbian University, 2013 USA

Kham Voyage is truly proud of Tibet’s beautiful landscapes in which our unique and diverse culture flourishes, therefore we value and care about our natural environment above our economic income as a travel agency. Our company follows and instructs our employees on the following ecotourism principles as our guidelines to long-term sustainability and development:

  • Contribute economic benefits for the local people
  • Promote environmental and cultural awareness among local people
  • Minimize negative cultural and environmental impacts
  • Respect and protect wildlife
  • Continues study of environment, culture and wildlife of our tour destinations.
  • Walk through nature when you could instead of relying of machines.
  • Support for local conservation efforts
  • Sustainable benefits to local communities

Kham Voyage organizes customer service trainings for Tibetan tour guides and drivers so that customers can have a safe and satisfactory travel.

Staff members

Nyima Tashi - Owner

Nyima Tashi was born in Kham Drakgo. He is the co-founder and one of the tour leaders of Kham Voyage Travel Agency. He majored in Tibetan and English language from ETP (English Training Program) of Qinghai Normal University and studied Eco-tourism in the US through Columbia University.

In 2008, Nyima Tashi obtained his official tour guide license. Since then he’s been working in tourism focusing mostly on guiding tourists across the Tibetan plateau, especially in Kham, East Tibet. Now with more than eight years of guiding and tour operational experience, Nyima Tashi may be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tour guide and tour operator with a modern education background.

Kush - Tourleader

Kush was born in one of the most remote nomadic places in the Eastern part of Tibet. But unlike most kids from his hometown, he received good education opportunities and found many passions and dreams to pursue.

His strong interest in photographing and filming lead him to work in the tourism industry as a tour guide to travel to different places and meet people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. As a result of many years’ experience, Kush is now one of the best Tibetan tour guides because of his strong passion and knowledge of local culture, history and geography.

His continuous to follow his passion for photography and filming, and focusses especially on the natural environment and cultural aspects.

Tinley Gonbo - Tourleader

Tinley Gonbo was born in Kham Drakgo, a beautiful and culturally rich Kham county. Trinley Gonbo graduated from Qinghai Normal University with English language as his major.

After graduation, Trinley Gonbo followed his true passion, despite of his parents’ wishes, by working as a tour guide to explore different places and meet people from different backgrounds.

Kunckok Dhondup - Guide

Kunckok Dhondup is our guide. He was born in Kham Dege, East Tibet, where the most famous printing house of Tibet is located.

He is graduate student of Arts Stream. He pursued a two-year program in Southwest Nationalities University in China.

He is a local tour guide with more than three-years of experience in travelling and guiding guests throughout Kham, East Tibet. He is also working as a local manager of Labdrakhampa NGO, which gives financial support for poor students. He always has the motivation to help others.

Palchen - Trekking guide

Palchen is from Kham Tagong, where the famous Jowo Shakyamuni temple is located. As he was born there and grew up there, he has explored every corner of the near mountains.

He is a typical local Khampa nomad, born a Buddhist and following the local traditions.

He started taking trekking tours in his local area at a young age, and discovered more and more about his own culture. Now he has over twenty years of trekking experience, so there is no better choice than him for a trekking guide in the Tagong area.