Dhondup: “We run our business with the idea of  “Think Local , Act Global”. All our staff are local Tibetans, including myself. All of us are from different parts of Tibet. We can’t boast of how much we are benefitting local communities but we do make an effort to bring every yuan our clients spend in Tibet to locally owned shops and restaurants.

In every car we use we put trash bins, that we don’t leave behind any waste while traveling. Since our company offer trips to each and every part of Tibet, we have different environmental awareness slogans written in Tibetan on each car to encourage and promote environment protection awareness among local people as well.

We believe it should be a collective effort from both locals & tourists to keep our environment clean.”

Staff Training

Frankly speaking, we did not have any eco-tourism training from external organisations so far although we are very much interested have training & exchanges with eco-tourism experts.

However as Tibetans, we grew up keeping our lakes & mountain clean which are regarded sacred in our culture. We had this awareness to keep our surroundings clean unknowlingly right from young age. Therefore, despite lacking any eco-tourism training, we believe we are not knew to this concept of eco- tourism and we really do take it seriously.

For the last couple of years, we have been doing this yearly seminar in the beginning of each year lead by local monks. It may look unproductive but our local monks have lot to teach us about the environment and our staff do benefit a lot.

On top of that, we also train our staff with help of internet videos about the serious harm of plastic to our environment.

Staff members

Mima Dhundup - Owner

My Name is Dhondup and I'm the founder of Tibetan Guide Travel Agency. Born and raised in Shigatse area, now I'm based in Lhasa. After my graduation at Tibet University and many years working as guide, I started my own company in 2010. I have 12+ years experience in the Tibet Tourism industry, and some of our tour guides have been more than 20 years working in this field. If you are travelling to Tibet, please contact us, we are able to arrange for you any tailor-made private tour as requested, including trekking, cultural, spiritual tours and even find a group of like-minded travellers to join. Please let us know, what do you like to do in Tibet, which places do you like to explore and how many days do you want to stay in Tibet. I personally take care of every detail of your trip so it becomes wonderful and a memorable once in a lifetime experience. Our main goal is to make you feel at home.

Tenchuong - guide

Tenchuong was born in 1976. He was educated in the monastery for fifteen years and now works as tour guide since 2006. His Buddhism knowledge is superb. He also knows very well Ngari Region (Mt. Kailash).

Ciring - guide

Ciring was born in a small village near Lhasa city. He is one of the best experienced guides in Tibet, working in tourism since 1990. He is very knowledgeable about Tibetan History and always does his best for our clients. Our groups are always happy and enjoy too much with him.

Gelek - guide

Tashi Delek friends from all corners of the world! I have been working as a tour guide here in Tibet since 2006 and am working with Tibetan guide as tour guide so I can share my passion for my homeland and educate people all over the world about Tibet. With all my years of experience I have not lost that passion and it continues to give me great pleasure to meet new people and watch them fall in love with this holy land.

Sonam - guide

My name is Sonam. I am a guide and have been guiding for 15 years. I have experienced many beautiful places in Tibet because I been taking groups there. I studied english in Nepal for more then fifteen years. I like to explain our culture, history, customs and so on.

Jampa - guide

Jampa is from Lhasa, Tibet and has been guiding in Central and Western Tibet for the past 10 years. She is one of the leading female guides in Tibet and is an expert in Tibetan culture and religion. In addition to guiding package and small group journeys, she also assists in guiding International professionally guided tours.

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