Adha: “The region of Kham in Eastern Tibet is known for its verdant grasslands, craggy mountains, and pure rivers. Kham is best for travelers interested in seeing wild Tibetan animals in their natural habitat, attending horse festivals, staying with nomads, visiting small monasteries and camping and trekking in the mountainous landscape.

An eco friendly village guesthouse in Kham

It is our main aim to preserve the unique Khampa culture and give our clients a chance to discover the real rural life in Kham. Therefore we have set up our own guesthouse in the beautiful Dzongsar Valley in Kham, following strict ecological principles.


A stay in our guesthouse in Dzongsar Valley offers you a quiet place to relax and experience rural lifestyle, to enjoy local and Western food, and to visit local workshops of wood carvers, weavers, Thangka painters and bronze casters. Learn about traditional Tibetan herbs medicine or try a Buddhist meditation and look at the daily philosophical debate in the well-known Dzongsar Buddhist college.

To provide these eco-tourism activities to our guesthouse guests, we have launched Kham Utpala Adventure Travel Agency. Kham Utpala organizes all the activities in the Dzongsar Valley, and also offers tours to other amazing places in Kham.

Off the beaten track

Our trips will guide you on unbeaten track where only a few travelers have been before. The emphasis is nomads, remote areas, Buddhist practices, Tibetan culture, traditional architecture and clothing. You will discover beautiful scenery and enjoy culture and adventure travel.

All through the year Kham Utpala Adventure offers you a unique experience to take part in traditional Tibetan rural life. Enjoy and take the time to visit this fascinating county. During our tours we promote home stay as much as possible, and invite you to stay with a local family in a nomadic settlement or farmers village. This way you get the opportunity to get a real taste of Tibetan lifestyle.

Meeting the children during a home stay in Kham, Tibet, organized by Kham Utpala, a Tibetan tour operator

Our trips and treks go to destinations where the flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.

Preventing culture shock in both directions

Concerning clients, we are vigilant they don’t show the wrong example to the population and all equipment is there to manage garbage and leave no trace.

In order to preserve culture and prevent culture shock in both directions, we aim to write a book to explain to the client the way of Tibetan culture and respect. Our guides, as local Tibetans, will also help clients in Tibetan culture. We already made for guesthouse and rural family stay an guide book where we explain to our customers why they get served only food made with vegetables we have in the garden and meat we have in valley and why they should not use too much electricity and too much wood for heater.

We organize trips to a local dance festival in order to preserve this event as long as it will be possible.

In France, we hold conferences about Dzongsar local culture and we wrote a book about it.  We are brainstorming further ideas to encourage and preserve the history and culture within the local area.

Come and stay with us and let us show you our beautiful Dzongsar Valley and surroundings.”

The monastery with mani wall at Dzongsar Monastery in Kham, Tibet

Staff Training

Our guesthouse is a pilot on environment behavior for the area and organizes for them all the garbage management, clean water and forest preservation (limit the deforestation). Our guesthouse will be not only a guesthouse but also a “guide training and hospitality school“ and “a Khampa culture center”.

We aim to give the students proper guide licenses and other qualifications and give them jobs with Kham Utpala travel agency and in the guesthouse.

We have taught about the importance of looking after the environment to children and families since 2008.

Staff members

Adha Tsering - Manager and owner

Adha is the manager of Kham Utpala and Dzongsar Tibetan traditional guesthouse manager.
He plans the overland tours and treks in Kham and Yunnan and is supervisor for all trips and treks.

Amdo Jinpa - tour organizer

Jinpa is our contact in Lhasa and leader for U-Tsang.He runs the overland & culture tour in U-Tsang and west Tibet and has fifteen years of experience.

Amdo Jinpa is a special tour organizer in Tibet with 15 years of experience, especially in U-Tsang, Central Tibet and West Tibet Ngari and Mount Kailash.

Palden - tour organizer

Palden was born in Dege, a Tibetan town in East Tibet. He is our contact in Shangrila and leader for Yunnan & Amdo. He runs our overland & culture tours in Amdo and Yunnan.

Marie Delvaux - owner

Marie travels around the world as backpacker since more than 25 years. Marie met Adha Tsering in 2005. Since then they have launched projects to support education in Dzongsar, Adha's remote area, and develop local ecotourism.

One of the biggest projects is the Tibetan traditional guesthouse in Dzongsar.

To support local economy, they set up Kham Utpala Adventure.

Kunchok Dhondup - Guide

Kunchok Dhondup was born and brought up full of love in a remote and happy nomadic family in Kham Dege, Eastern Tibet. He is an outgoing person and so adventurous that he can never settle down in one place, he always has the tendency to move from one place to another. He likes to learn and experience new things, always wondering and being curious about everything. But, most importantly, he profoundly loves his land and people.

He had been schooled in India and after graduating returned back to Tibet and continued schooling in Sichuan Tibetan School in Kanding for three years. He also did a two years diploma course at the Southwest University for Nationalities.

He is a local tour guide with more than three years experience of traveling and guiding guests throughout Kham, Eastern Tibet. Besides this he is working as a local Manager of LabdraKhampa NGO, which gives financial support for poor students, and also works as an English teacher and has experience in teaching kids and adults.
He always had a motivation of helping others and heart to donate his precious time for others. He says he gains a lot of happiness and satisfaction while working for others. He is a really a tall Khampa guy.
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