This is a list of local tour operators (in random order) who best know the best places to visit in Tibet. All have responsible tourism credentials, have received training and some actively assist in protecting cultural heritage and natural environment in their regions. Please find below the company that best fits your needs.

Tibet Experience

Since we are Tibetans, we care for our people – and especially for the weaker in society. Therefore a portion of our profits are donated to a blind music band in Lhasa. Most of our guests visit the blind Tibetan music band and they enjoy lots and have a good experience listening to them play traditional music. We buy CDs from the blind music band and we give these CDs to our customers as presents. We are also helping for the Lhasa Dolmala Home. In this special hotel most of the staff are handicapped Tibetan youth. Read More

Tibet Shambhala Adventure

We think it important that our tours and treks benefit the local communities and have a limited impact on the environment. We help local young generations to continue their college and universities. We also try to benefit local communities as much as possible by for example operating special tours that visit schools for physically handicapped and blind children, handicraft shops, home stays and family visits.Read More

Kham Voyage

The Kham region has diverse landscapes, culture, languages and spiritual practices that are yet to be known to the majority of tourists traveling to the Tibetan Plateau regions. Kham Voyage is dedicated to provide rewarding tours where clients can have an in-depth experience of the local natural environment, culture, spirituality and lifestyle.We aim to offer high quality and authentic tour experiences with minimum negative impacts on local culture and environment. Read More

i-Tibet Travel

Every spring we plant trees. We plant one tree for every three tours we organize in Tibet. Tibet’s weather is very harsh for a young sapling to grow without help. So we buy the trees and ask local farmers to adopt the trees. We Tibetan feel that planting a tree holistic practice, that benefits all. So far we have been very successful in planting trees, even though we have only operated a small number of tours.Read More

Himalaya Tibet Travel

Our company specializes in a combination culture and trekking tours on the Tibetan plateau, especially the Tibetan areas of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai (Amdo and Kham), a region that is ethnically, economically and ecologically extremely sensitive.We develop our own itineraries not only in order to provide authentic and responsible services to our clients but also to design tours that are sustainable and eco-friendly as possible and have a economically positive impact on local communities. Read More

Kham Utpala

Our main aim is to preserve Khampa culture and give the chance to our clients to discover the real rural life in this area. We are supporting homestay and setting up a guesthouse with ecologist principles applied and ecotourism activities. To support the guesthouse activities, we have launched Kham Utpala Adventure travel agency.Read More

Easy Tibet Tours

Easy Tibet Tour has two long-term goals, and these goals are closely related to promoting eco friendly travel in Tibet.One of the main goals is introducing our beautiful land and it’s people to tourists by hiring only locals and by making our contribution to the local communities by providing education opportunities and making donation to disadvantaged groups.Another fundamental long-term goal of Easy Tibet Tour is protecting the environment and culture of our motherland from more and more commercialized travel activities. Read More

Snowlion Tours

The ecosystem on the Tibetan plateau is extremely fragile. We desire to see our Tibetan culture and traditions last for generations to come, so we do our utmost to arrange travel in the most ecologically friendly way possible. Through creating jobs, buying directly from local farmers and small businessmen, passing on daily necessities to nomad families, and donating to a nearby orphanage, we strive to integrate our social engagement into our business practices. Read More

Jimpa Travel

Our company acts as a medium between two very different forms of ecological responsibility. We believe that it is very important to bring together the newer Western ideas of environmental protection and the traditional way Tibetans have lived respectful of nature for thousands of years. We specialize in soft-trekking, horse trekking, and home-stays with monks, farmers, and nomadic families in remote areas of Eastern Tibet (Amdo and Kham).Read More

Gesar Tour

Our company is different than other tour companies as the management has ten years of NGO work experience.  This has led to an deep understanding of social responsibility. We therefore provide locals an opportunity to participate in our tours, which benefits the local community and local people.We also operate trips in Yushu area, since most our staff are from Yushu. Our goal is to become the source for ecotourism tours in Yushu. By operating tours in the guides hometown we directly benefit their communities Read More

Tibetan Guide Travel

We run our business with the idea of  “Think Local , Act Global”. All our staff are local Tibetans, including myself. All of us are from different parts of Tibet. We can’t boast of how much we are benefitting local communities but we do make an effort to bring every yuan our clients spend in Tibet to locally owned shops and restaurants. In every car we use we put trash bins, that we don’t leave behind any waste while traveling. Read More

Tibet Highland Tours

Tibet Highland Tours gives back to the community and are not strictly concerned with making money. Several of our office staff are from remote, poor villages at the base of the Himalaya Mountains. A portion from each tour goes towards projects that we carry out in these communities.Our company has for many years sponsored students from the countryside to come to Lhasa to attend schools where they can learn English to become tour guides. Read More

Tibet Universal Travel

Whenever and wherever possible, we extend charitable support to disadvantaged groups in remote Tibetan villages. For instance, utilizing certain percentage of our annual company income we purchase and distribute warm winter clothes for children in rural Tibetan primary schools to keep them warm and happy, and to avoid preventable communicable disease like cold. Missing class due to sicknesses is quite high prevalence among school children during winter time in Tibet. Read More

Tibet Wind Horse Adventure

As a locally owned Tibetan Tour organizer, the sole purpose of Tibet Wind Horse Adventure is to bring you an interactive experience of Tibet and it’s people. In order to present you a greener Tibet, we continuously work on how we can be a part of a team to preserve our homeland by making effort in energy conservation, environmental protection, and positive community contribution. Read More

Explore Tibet

Being a local travel company, we have a particular responsibility to introduce the practices of Responsible Tourism in Tibet. Our rich culture, indigenous tradition and unpolluted environment are the core values of preservation, so that future generations can enjoy the essence of what Tibet represents. Though our influence is limited, we are proud to be one of the first local companies that implement the practices of Responsible Tourism in Tibet.Read More

Tibet Roof of World International Travel

Whenever there is a chance to extend our helping hand to protect our historical and cultural heritage, we always say yes without any hesitation. In May 2012, a monastery called Tingri (singga chode) was in a very poor condition due to the cultural revolution and recent earth quake, so we use our contacts and helped the monastery to fund raise for the renovation. Read More

Road to Tibet

Our company is different from other companies because we offer homestays in Kham and Amdo which are eco friendly and enhance the local economy and give direct help to the local community. Our clients get to experience real Tibetan culture and daily life. They see how local families live, cook and where they sleep. Read More

Tibet Songtsan Travel

Because I did not get a good education it is my wish to support education opportunities for the next generation of Tibetan children. We are supporting a small Tibetan school where we teach all subjects but also Tibetan language and history which are not taught in the government schools.My other wish is to help several nunneries in my birthplace. We are currently building a two-story high statue of Avalokhteshvara. When the statue is finished the local people will come to worship and their donations will help improve the living standards of the nuns in a sustainable way. Read More

Khampa Caravan

The trips of Khampa Caravan do not simply go to common tourism areas, we travel off the beaten track and stay in local communities. We keep on developing unique destinations and activities involving the local communities. Examples are traditional hot pot dinners at local family homes and home stay and dance programs with several villages.We also have clients participate in making pottery, cooking with local families and harvesting to get a real local experience. Read More

Tibet Travelers

Tibet Travelers has a big respect for nature. We promote loving nature and protecting nature on our website, as well as social media. Nature is providing us everything, starting from the fresh air to the cool water. We plan to make a group in winter during off season and visit monasteries to collect plastic and old clothes. This will help nature and keep animals like yak healthy since many yaks are dying because of eating rubbish.Read More