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Himalaya Tibet Travel offers unique cultural experiences on the Tibetan Plateau and across Western China.

Jahua: “We organize trekking tours to the remote corners of the plateau, mainly to isolated places that are rich in culture and offer untouched vistas. Since our establishment in 2007, we have offered hiking and camping tours, cycling trips, and other outdoor activities.”

Speciality: Amdo and Kham

Jahua: “Our company specializes in a combination culture and trekking tours on the Tibetan plateau, especially the Tibetan areas of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai (Amdo and Kham), a region that is ethnically, economically and ecologically extremely sensitive.

We develop our own itineraries not only in order to provide authentic and responsible services to our clients but also to design tours that are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible and have an economical positive impact on local communities. We ensure that a fair share of our profits remains in the remote corners of the plateau where we bring our clients to by hiring local Tibetan staff and relying as much as possible on local products and family home stays.”

Water and fire

Jahua:”We helped a nunnery by sponsoring the medical care for the nuns. We also set up a solar cooker project sponsored by some of our clients. We provided solar cookers to five villages to reduce their use of fire wood. During our water project in a village, we built pipes to bring drinking water to the village. This village had a hard time getting drinking water, especially in winter when everything freezes.”

We are at the moment working on setting up a bird watching tour, working together with protected areas and focusing on environmental protection.


Staff Training

Jahua participated in the Ecotourism USA Exchange Program in 2013, organized by Columbia University and received training on ecotourism in general and marketing from Columbia University experts. Jahua also did a two-week business training in Malaysia and participated in a First-Aid and guide training organized by Columbia University in Xining. Norbu worked for WWF before joining Himalaya Tibet Travel and therefore has extensive knowledge of Tibet’s fragile environment and wildlife.

We are planning to organize internal staff trainings. We do have staff meetings to exchange experiences and improve things. If we get more clients we need more staff and then training will be more necessary. Our current staff is already very knowledgeable, also on ecotourism practices.

Staff members

Jahua Dorje – Manager

I began working in the tourism industry in 2004, with a novice excitement towards discovery and adventure. I started by guiding numerous tours in Tibet and throughout China. Over the years of travel across the Tibetan plateau, I became very fond of trekking, cycling, climbing and photography. At the same time, I have truly experienced the social challenges that people here are facing, including urban migration. I believed that hard work and solidarity of small local businesses will bring us back from the margin of modern developments. This is the main reason why I started the Himalaya Tibet Travel Service. I think that it is meaningful to work towards common goals, overcome challenges, and help people around me.

Tseten – Guide

Tseten grow up in small village in Amdo Tibet. Since he was small, he has always helped his family with herding and collecting firewood. He has never though it was difficult. Herding together with other village children on the pastures and collecting mushrooms was lot of fun and created beautiful memories of his childhood. At the same time, he learned about nature and also began caring for others.
He speaks fluent English and understands French. He majored in biology at Qinghai Agricultural University. He enjoys trekking, playing basketball and cycling. He has guided many tours in Amdo Tibet and across the deserts of west china. He is an ideal tour guide because of his sharing and helpful personality and his high level of motivation.

Kelsang Lhamo - Guide

Kelsang Lhamo, a Tibetan woman born and raised in a Tibetan farming village next to Mekong River, by the foot of Mt. Kawa Karpo. With passion for development and sociology she studied in college, she worked some years for community developments and culture conservation in Tibetan regions. Recently, she obtained her MBA certificate from Ifugao State University in the Philippeans. As a Khampa descendent, Lhamo is brave and her adventurous spirit led her on many adventures across Tibet Plateau and China, even to the wild lands of Xinjiang and Northern Tibet.

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