Dropenling Handicraft Centre sells these products made by Tibetan artisans


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In the heart of the old Tibetan quarter in Lhasa, just a ten minute walk from the Jokhang temple, is the Dropenling Handicraft Center. The Tibetan word “Dropenling” means “giving back for the betterment of all sentient beings, ” and Dropenling has achieved its purpose by giving back to hundreds of Tibetan craftspeople all over the Tibet Autonomous Region. Because it sells crafts made only by Tibetans, Dropenling has been popular with tourists who want to purchase authentic Tibetan crafts such as textiles, painted wood boxes and trays, stone carving, leather bags, jewelry, carpets and dolls and toys. In 2007, Dropenling became a self-sustaining business whose profits are re-invested into further support of the Tibetan artisan community.

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