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Gyantse Damak or the Gyantse Horse racing festival is celebrated in the town of Gyantse. The Gyantse is considered as the leading producer of barley in Tibet, and the town has significant cultural Influences in Tibetan Culture and tradition.

The festival has more than 500 Years of History. It was started by the prince Gungsang Rabten in the living memory of his father, as an athletic competition in the year 1400. Now it becomes an essential inter-village Competition.

Initially, the festival was mainly a religious ceremony with limited entertainment like wrestling matches and weightlifting. Later Prince Tashi Rabten adds Horse racing, Archery, Tibetan Opera, songs and dances to the festival

That’s how the Current Gyantse Damak Festivals is formed as time passes. It is most commonly called the Gyantse Horse racing for the horse racing is now the main event in the festival.

Travelling to Tibet during this festival could add a great deal of authentic local experiences to your Tibet tour. This festival can really help you to understand and participate in the Cultural Life of Tibetan.

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