We are happy to welcome the following new members to the Tibet Eco Travel Collective

Tenzin Woaber, I-Tibet Travel







“I belief we have a special responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of each and every tour we undertake and we also have a huge responsibility in promoting local economy and share the well-being with how may ever need our help.
I was a tour guide in late 1990’s and many of the clients from abroad made me environmentally conscious and then forced me to start my own company to fully realize my dream for a eco neutral and carbon neutral travel agency in Tibet.”


Dhondup, Tibetan Guide Travel


“We run our business with the idea of  “Think Local , Act Global”. All our staff are local Tibetans, including myself. All of us are from different parts of Tibet. We can’t boast of how much we are benefitting local communities but we do make an effort to bring every yuan our clients spend in Tibet to locally owned shops and restaurants.

In every car we use we put trash bins so that we don’t leave behind any waste while travelling. Since our company offer trips to each and every part of Tibet, we have different environmental awareness slogans written in Tibetan on each car to encourage and promote environment protection awareness among local people as well.”

Tenzin, Tibet Travelers

Tenzin Dhondup

“Tibet Travelers have big respect for protecting nature. We promote loving nature and protecting nature on our website, as well as social media.  Nature is providing us everything, starting from the fresh air to the cool water. Nature is one of the best blessings, even just being in nature without putting any effort we become peaceful naturally.”