Jampa: “As a locally owned Tibetan Tour organizer, the sole purpose of Tibet Wind Horse Adventure is to bring you an interactive experience of Tibet and it’s people with a fair cost.  We want you to learn about our religion, unique culture, mountains and rivers, also inviting you to share with us the best moments on this beautiful land, which we are so proud of.”

Green Tibet

Doka: “In order to present you a greener Tibet, we continuously work on how we can be a part of a team to preserve our homeland by making effort in energy conservation, environmental protection, and positive community contribution.

When we sell our trip products – they are not only cultural trips, we focus on country side trips also. We use all local arrangements – like guest houses, camping sites, pack animals and local labor and thus contributing to that local community.

For all our outdoor trips – we provide boiling water so that we do not have to use any bottled water.

Our staffs are well trained to take care of our own garbage. We bring back all undergraded garbage back to the city and take them to the dump place.

We teach the locals how to protect environment and to take care of our eco system.

We use gas cylinders for all our cooking during the camping trips. We not only have trekking and bicycle trips – we have rafting trips also. ”

Socially friendly

Jampa: “Tibet Wind Horse Adventure was founded in 1997 by a select group of professionals in Tourism. We see our organization as a family, formed with over forty individual family members, all with unique character and individuality, yet all have bond together with one passion.

We are not only enviromently friendly and we are socially friendly. We take very good care of our staffs. They not only get their monthly salary, they have day pay when they take groups, also we cover health, medical and social insurance. Until now we have around 10 staffs already happily retired and enjoying social insurance.

If our business is good for the year, we give bonus to all our staffs. Because of the above reasons, all our staffs are faithful and have been with us for more than a decade. We are proud to say we have our own guides for all our trips (90% of travel companies use free lance guides).

We run trips all over Tibetan areas of China but specialize in customized and adventure itineraries in Central Tibet. We combine specialist local knowledge from local staff with skills and experience from international expertise to run the best trips you’ll find on offer in Tibet. We strive to offer the highest level of service you’ll find in Tibet and can customize any trip to suit your expectations.

We work together with local Tibetan communities on our trips. We for example offer a horse riding day trip outside of Lhasa to Dechen Valley. We hire the horses and horsemen from Dechen to give them income, and provide a unique experience for our clients.”

Staff Training

  • First Aid training by Red Cross
  • Ecotourism training workshops in Chengdu and Shangri-la
  • Guide trainings by Columbia University
  • Wilderness First Aid training by Columbia University
  • Business management training
  • USA ecotourism exchange program

Staff members

Jampa, Phudun and Jigme - Managers

Jampa (general manager): oversees general management of the company.

Phudun (vice general manager): manage all the vehicles and tour guides of each trip.

Jigme (vice general manager): manage our accounting department.

Penzhen, Pyezhun, Lobsang, Wangdue - Office team

Our office team take care of all your required permit and documents, also manage your hotels and transportation bookings.

Doka and Tsechoe - Sales team

Wind Horse sales team communicate directly with you with requests and questions about your trip, including designing a perfect schedule based on your time frame and preference.

Pakdru, Puchong, Penpa, Chongdar, Nyima


Tsering, Dawa, Penpa, Phuntsok, Pasang


Lhundrup, Dredun, Tsewang, Kelsang - cooks

Because our sole purpose is to show you the most authentic part of Tibet, so the best way to explore is to experience the life in the remote and most preserved areas, we will take you to some of the most incredible places that you can imagine, away from the city crowed, closer to the beautiful villagers and nomads. At this same time you’ll not lose the comfort of lodging. We’ll set up a comfortable campsite for you, including sleeping, dinning, toilet and shower tent. Your cook that travels with you will prepare some of the most delicious home cooked hot dishes, while you are enjoying in the nature.

Drokar, Purtse and Sony

French and German speaking guides